Visiting Ole Heerup, son of Henry Heerup Visiting Ole Heerup, son of Henry Heerup

The Heerup Museum is an independent institution affiliated with and supported by the Rødovre municipality. The Museum manages the municipality’s collection of works and objects in relation to visual artist Henry Heerup.

The Museum aims to collect, register and preserve art works by Henry Heerup. Through research into his life and production, we seek to extend people’s knowledge of this unique visual artist and to explore his position in both past and present art and culture.

A wide range of museums in Denmark communicate the lives and works of individual artists, including the Hans Christian Andersen Museum, the Karen Blixen Museum, the Robert Storm Petersen Museum and the Carl Henning Pedersen and Else Alfelt Museum. Such biographical museums are concerned not only with isolated art works, but also include the psychological or philosophical aspects of the artist’s life as well as his role in society and history.  

The Heerup Museum has its own comittee of 6 members:

The Heerup Museum Comittee

Jan Kongebro, president, appointed by the municipal council of Rødovre.
Ahmed Darqane, appointed by the municipal council of Rødovre.
Ruth Mørch and Jørgen Jørgensen are representatives of "The Friends of the Heerup Museum".
Kaj Erik Jørgensen representative of the trades and industries.
In addition a representative with knowledge of fine arts.


Anni Lave Nielsen - Museum Director
Gerda Skovgaard
Tina Maria Thønnings
Christina Ladefoged Klestrup Hansen
Ida Sofie Kristensen
Anna Stensgaard Nielsen