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The Heerup Museum offers a unique experience of being able to observe and enjoy the work and thoughts of visual artist Henry Heerup. Comprising of items spanning over more than 70 years, the collection offers an extensive insight into Heerup’s prolific production of paintings, graphic works, and sculptures.

The core of the Heerup Museum's collection is a donation made by Heerup's widow Marion Heerup to Rødovre municipality in 1995. 38 oil paintings, 7 sculptures, 91 graphic works, 44 trykstokke and no less than 1251 drawings, posters, books and sketches from their apartment in Vanløse were given away to the creation of a museum dedicated to his work.

As such the distinctive feature of the collection is its possession of works held dear by Heerup himself. Artworks he kept close to him all through his life. Heerup’s first oil painting “Ulvedalsegen” (The Oak of Ulvedalen) from 1924 is such an item. The museum is also in possession of a large number of sketches and notebooks never before shown to the public as well as working tools, gifts from fellow artists and objects gathered on the artist's daily bicycle rides.

Furthermore Heerup Museum receives gifts from individuals and institutions/galleries. Combined with the art works the Rødovre municipality has acquired along the way, the collection comprises around 3500 items. .