Self-portrait 1971

This profile self-portrait from 1971 deals with Heerup’s view of the artist. A certain sense of self-awareness and staging meets the eye. With a slight smile on his lips, the claret colored beret on his head and a neatly tied silk scarf around his neck, this experienced and laid-back bohemian artist seems content with his life’s role.

In the early 1970s, Heerup had decidedly made his name as an artist. His lithographs were in great demand and hence reprinted in large numbers. Institutions like the Kampsax hall of residence, Hadsund School and Kofoed’s School commissioned large paintings for canteens, stairwells and meeting rooms. In 1972 Henry Heerup represented Denmark at the Venice Biennale – as an expression of his established name in the Danish art world.