Self Portrait 1956

In this self-portrait from 1956, Heerup has a serious look on his face. The dark round glasses have become a trademark of his, much like the black winter hat. Much of his time he spends outdoors, contemplating nature, carving statues or assembling his so-called junk models.

In the years following the Second World War, Heerup executes some of his most powerful paintings. At this point in time, human existence is not taken lightly. Heerup is on a constant search for new methods and means of expressing both everyday experiences and philosophical ideas. His creativity is boundless, dealing with all aspects of daily modern life.

His colleagues and friends in the CoBrA movement inquire into the unconscious and pursue new figurative languages. The experimental nature of Heerup’s work places him on the same footing as the other CoBrA members, but his main focus is not so much a rebellious need to break with traditions and norms as it is a deep personal need to explore human life.